Mental Health is the One True Wealth

A Princess and her Journey to Health

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On the Up

Things have been looking up since I last posted here. I was at a very low low last time I wrote. My mental health was at its worst in a long time which prompted me to reach out and seek help. I’m still on the waiting list for counselling and I haven’t heard back yet but in that time I’ve started to be able to cope better. I’ve been going to the gym more frequently, 5-6 times a week and the difference that has made has been massive. My anxiety is reduced, my negative thoughts are not near as constant or overwhelming. All in all, I’m coping better.

I’m 5 weeks into the Get Shreddy Guide, by b-nd store and I’ve been loving it so far. It’s challenged me and kept me motivated. I was doing Grace Fit Guide for months and that did help me increase my strength but after a while it had gotten repetitive and I was losing interest. I would recommend Get Shreddy to everyone, advanced or beginner. The workouts are split into 2 lower body and 2 upper body sessions a week, with a core and cardio and lastly, total body conditioning. Going to the gym 6 times a week might seem excessive but it’s honestly so rewarding to finish that first week and the whole guide is only 6 weeks long. The workouts change every two weeks so just as your body gets comfortable, it’s switched up and you’re a beginner all over again! Sounds fun, right?

When I first started the total body conditioning was a big no from me but now it’s one of my favourite workouts. A good mix of strength training and cardio to really make you sweat and get shreddy for summer! I can’t actually believe next week week is week 6 and I’ll have completed this guide! I’m not usually a finisher so much as a procrastinator!

I’d say my weight has stayed in and around the same but I haven’t been very focused on being on a ‘cut’ but my whole physique has changed. I have definitely lost fat and become more ‘toned’. Proud of my quads and baby biceps in particular! I think for me, the biggest change has been with my mental health though. I’ve pushed myself and actually fallen in love with working out again rather than just doing it for the aesthetics. Totally helps that I’ve found a new gym bud too who has been amazing, whether it’s helping me with my form or just being there for a chat!

I’ve loved this programme so much I might just start it all over again! I’m looking into the Hanna Oeberg ‘Get Lean, Stay Healthy’ guide so if any of you have tried it, I’d be interested in hearing some feedback. Anyway, if you have a spare 6 weeks and you need a new challenge, Get Shreddy is the one.


It’s my Turn

Tomorrow is a big day for me. That’s putting it mildly. Tomorrow is a huge day for me because it’s the day my college offers are going to come in. I’m sure that’s a big deal for everyone who’s going through it. But it means the world to me. My first choice is doing a BA in UCD. That, my friends, is my dream. It’s taken me a really long time to get here, but I made it and this is the life I choose for myself. It’s my turn. It’s my turn to think about myself, to put myself first, to pursue what it is that I want. I believe everything happens for a reason and that’s easy to believe, but when your whole future is thrown out into the universe and it’s a game of chance? Well, that makes me feel the need to really reassure myself. I’m nervous. My stomach is literally sick with nerves because I want this so bad. I want it with every fibre of my being. I want it because it’s the final middle finger to my eating disorder. It took so much from me, it can’t seep in and contaminate my future too.

Leaving Cert year was rough. Like, really rough. We’re talking going into school maybe three out of the five days in a week and when I got home, my evenings were spent sleeping instead of studying. Eating disorders put your body and soul through hell and honestly, bouncing back from that is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. Being in full time education and sitting some of the most important exams of your life doesn’t really help that. What I’m trying to say is, recovery and also trying to get an education are not a good mix. When you already feel like shit about yourself, do you really need exams to confirm how shit you are? The answer is no. The process of recovery is daunting. If you aren’t eating, you’re sleeping. Do you see the room for study and school? Nope, because there isn’t any. For me to survive the year (at all) I had to make a choice. I decided the best thing for me was to focus solely on recovery and tadaaa! As you can see I’m still here, breathing, living so yeah, success. A+. I did it. As expected though, there wasn’t a single A+ on my results sheet. I didn’t fail a single subject and I put that down to my natural genius (I kid), but I will forever be angry that I couldn’t just be the average teen sitting those exams. It’s frustrating knowing I could have done better if not for the circumstances.

But I got better. I got stronger. I now choose health and fitness and self love. I feel like I could take on the world, until that little hint of doubt creeps up. But I’ve gotten good at crushing that. Tomorrow, it’s my turn. Regardless of what way it goes, I’m going to go out into the world and be brilliant. I’m going to give college my all and hope it counteracts that last disastrous step in my education. Because I’m ready. I’ve had a year to sit and get ready for this. I’ve had a year to grow and really find who I am and I wanna take that outside of this town with me. They say not to put all your money on one horse and of course, that’s exactly what I’ve done. But I believe in the universe and I hope just this once, it’s gonna work in my favour. Good luck to anyone else out there waiting on exam results and college offers! No matter what, keep your chin up and be the best you can be.